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AlphaCrafters the new beginning
Hello my fellow crafters,

Today the server has started the new beginning! we are now semi-vanilla, the only reason it's "Semi-vanilla" is because we do have plugins to keep the server safe with protection other than that we are 100% vanilla. This will be permanent for the rest of AlphaCrafters, we will update the server as minecraft updates so don't be sad. we want the community to be stronger as one, we will be keeping this map forever (a very long time) but don't be afraid. we will always be here for you! our goal on AlphaCrafters is to keep everyone (this includes you) to be happy and enjoy the game, with the big change to vanilla a lot of other stuff has changed aswell. There isn't multiple donator ranks anymore, just one (Supporter) the rank doesn't have any game breaking stuff. We here on AlphaCrafters do not support "Pay-to-win".

With all of that said, we hope you stick around with us till the end.

Till next time my fellow Crafter, "ONE OF US"
Best Regards,

Your founder, MrArcane.

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