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Non-Vanilla Plugins
While vanilla is plenty of fun, it's sometime ill equipped to handle multi-player issues, and so we use a number of plugins to help insure our players have the best experiance posible. Below i will be explaining what many of our plugins do and how to use them.

Epic Landscapes: The vanilla land generation is ok, but it gets boring after a while, so we use a plugin to give up more unique and epic biomes and even custom structures, while still using vanilla blocks.

Land Claims: This plugin allows you to protect your builds and possessions from thieves and griefers. A more detailed guide can be found HERE on how to use this plugin, as it is very versatile.

MCMMO : Basically this gives players different skills, like mining, digging, fishing, and so on. the more you use these skills the higher your skill level gets and you earn bonuses to it, like extra drops or a fast breaker ability, depending on the skill. A full guide to what this plugin can do and how to use it can be found HERE(Still in the works)

Shops: This plugin allows players to make shops and sell items without the need for bulky redstone machines. You can set up your shop to trade a number of items you want for a number of the default currency, in our case diamond, or have it sell items for another kind of item that you want. A quick guide on how to configure your shops can be found in the market district on the server.

Bookshelf containers: This plugin allows you to open bookshelves like a chest and store books in them, because one of the staff members really wanted this plugin and we added it to shut him up.

Custom Crafting Recipes: Don't you hate how 6 planks only gives you 4 stairs, or how Netherwart Blocks can't be turned back into Nether Wart? Us too, so we have tweaked or added some recipes to make more sense and improve quality of life.

Ranks: Our players chose us to spend their free time with, and we want to give a little something back to them. Ranks are earned through time played, and unlock certain helpful commands and perks such as /workbench or /enderchest for example. A full guide to ranks can be found HERE(Still in the works).

Donation Ranks: Running a server isn't cheap, so we want to help out those who help us out. You can buy a Donation Rank at this shop HERE on the website, this rank will appear in addition to your normal rank and will unlock benefits of some of the higher normal ranks.

Vote rewards: If you want to help us out by voting for us, then we want to help you out. Voting will earn you a special currency that can be used at the vote shops to purchase things like Haste 2 potions, Extra claim blocks, and other useful but not game breaking items and buffs.

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