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Started by Deca4531

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05-06-2017, 02:29 AM -
So i had this idea for a project that everyone on the server could be part of if they wanted. What do you guys/gals think of a village built by the members of the server. To use a Skyrim reference, it could be a small town, like Riverwood, or a larger one like Whiterun. the whole area would be admin claimed, but players could contact an admin and say "hey i wanted to build a black smith shop in this area. or maybe a tavern over here." the admin would then make a sub divide so they could build in that plot. people would of course have to stick to the style of the town, but rustic is a pretty simple build style.

Now if players want to contribute but aren't good at building they could do things like provide materials, landscape, plant farms, place lighting, things like that. Each building could have a sign saying who it was built by, and there could be a kind of town hall with an area dedicated to players who helped out with things other than building.

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