Easter Egg Hunt!
Started by Markaroli

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04-15-2017, 04:02 PM -
The time has come once again, another holiday is upon us! So, as is tradition, we'll be having an Easter Egg hunt on the server! In fact, there will be TWO Easter Egg hunts! The first one will be a classic first come first server get 'em while they're hot kind of hunt. A large number of chests will be placed in a variety of public areas on the server. Inside these chests will be some unique prizes (sorry, all out of candy :/ ). Now obviously this kinda of hunt typically favors the people that are online earlier in the day and I realize that. So to help out everyone else, there will be a SECOND hunt as well! This hunt will be a bit smaller and will be using named eggs. For this hunt, the first THREE people to private message me (Markaroli) on the forums (make sure you ACTIVATE your account prior to trying to send the message!) with the names of all the eggs will be justly rewarded. But wait, there's more! Everyone that manages to complete that hunt and send the egg names to me even after the first three will get a consolation prize! This post will be updated later today with more details, but plan on the hunt beginning at midnight EST and running for around 27 hours, ending at about 3:00 AM EST on Monday 4/17.

UPDATE 1: The boundaries in the overworld are between Z = 300 and Z = -300. The X boundaries are between X = 200 and X = -300. In the Nether, the Z boundaries are between Z = -200 and Z = 100. The X boundaries are between X = 200 and X = -100. In the End, the boundaries are simply the main End island.

UPDATE 2: The second hunt (consisting of the named eggs) will have 12 eggs to find! These eggs are denoted by colored wool with a command block. Pressing the button on the command block gives you the named egg. Remember, if you find them all, send a PM on the forums to me (Markaroli) with the names of all 12! I will also check on the server to make sure you legitimately got them yourself Tongue

UPDATE 3: We're only a few hours away, so here are the prizes! 

For first place (first person to send me a private message on the forum with the names of all 12 eggs (and I confirm you actually got them)) will receive 5 free homes, 20 vote crate keys, 2 rabbit spawn eggs, a shulker box (your choice of color), AND a special prefix on the server! 

For second place you will receive 3 free homes, 10 vote crate keys, 2 rabbit spawn eggs, and a shulker box.

For third place, you will receive 1 free home, 5 vote crate keys, and 2 rabbit spawn eggs.

Everyone after the first three that completes the hunt will receive 2 rabbit spawn eggs. Remember, you have to PM me on the FORUMS to be rewarded.

For the other hunt, there will be a large number of chests with varying rewards inside them throughout the hunt area. These are first come first server. Once they're taken, they're gone! The hunt starts at midnight EST and runs until 3 AM EST on April 16th!

UPDATE 4: The top three prizes have been won, taking only an hour and 22 minutes! Anyone else that completes the hunt will be rewarded with 2 rabbit spawn eggs! Remember, there are still lots of chests with free loot to find!
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