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Rules are important, right? Right. Most of our rules here at Alphacrafter are pretty common sense, but none-the-less i will be explaining them here for you now. And if you forget what they are simply do /Rules in game.

1) Respect ALL players. We greatly value our community and dont appreciate people causing trouble within it. while adult language is allowed, within reason, offensive language, racism, bigotry, and other things not suitable to public chat should be conducted in whispers only. Name calling and harassment of any kind will get you banned. If someone tells you to stop, you better listen.

2) No Griefing. We want all our players to have fun, but if your fun comes at the expense of someone else's fun they you aren't welcome here. If you aren't sure what counts as griefing, allow me to explain. Griefing is considered to be any act, be it destruction, theft, harassment or other such acts, that is intended to cause anger, grief(that's where the word comes from, get it), or frustration to another player.

3) No Modded Clients. Many modded clients give an unfair advantage to players and so aren't allowed. HOWEVER, Optifine and Minimaps ARE allowed.

4) No X-Rays. This is mostly covered by rule two, but it bears repeating. We dont care how you do it, if we catch you X-raying you will be banned.

5) No Abusing Glitches. We all know Minecraft has its bugs and glitches that unintentionally let people duplicate items, avoid damage, pass through walls, ect. Regardless we don't allow it. If you aren't sure if its a glitch or not, be sure to ask a staff member, and when in doubt don't do it, because claiming ignorance won't prevent you from being banned.

6) No Ganking (Non-consensual PVP). Player-Vs-Player is enabled on the server, but if you want to fight someone they have to agree to it, in chat, first. We can see the chat logs, and false claims of ganking will get you banned.

7) No Advertising. We wish it didn't happen, but some people join a server just to lure players away to their own servers. So, any posting about or discussions about other servers, or sharing of URLs, is a punishable offense.

8) No Excessive Begging. No one likes it when someone new joins and the first thing they do is start begging for food and gear over and over. This is a survival server, go out and survive.

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