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How to use land claims
Grief protection: How Claims work.

Here at Alphacrafters we employ a system to protect your builds and possession, land claims. Anything within the area you have claimed cannot be broken (like blocks), activated (like buttons, levers and doors) or opened (like chests and furnaces) by anyone but you and those you have given Trust to. 

How do I get these claims?

Each hour of non AFK play on the server earns you 200 Claim Blocks. These cannot be bought, sold or traded nor will staff give you extra.

How do I use these claim blocks?

There are two tools used in managing your claims, Golden Shovels and Sticks. You can get a free claim specific shovel once a day by typing /shovel. 

The first time you place down a chest a claim will form around it, this will only happen once though, after that to start a claim hold the your gold shovel and either type /claim, which will create a 5x5 claimed space, or right click the ground with the shovel, a diamond block will appear which represents the first corner of your claim. Right click again to set the second corner and the claim will be made, it must be a minimum of 5 blocks on any side. The claim will have a visible border with glowstone showing the corners and gold blocks on the sides to show where the walls go as well as at intervals until the next corner. If you hold or right click with your shovel or stick inside your claim it will cause this border to appear on the surface of your claim. Putting these tools away will cause it to vanish after a short time.

The sticks can be used to check if a block is claimed and by who, this can be helpful when underground and unable to see your claim boarded.  

I made a claim, but then I forgot where it was.

You can use the command /claimlist  to see the coordinates of all your claims, as well as how many claim blocks you have used, have left, and have in total.

How do I make my claim bigger?
There are 2 ways to resize your existing claim: 

1) If you right click the glowstone corner with your shovel and then right click in a new location it will move that corner. If you are underground and cannot see the glowstone, you can use your stick to pinpoint the corner block below the glowstone, clicking here will still work to move your claim.

2) if you want to expand your claim in one direction simple face that direction and use the command /expandclaim (number) it will push that wall of your claim out by the designated amount.

I found a better spot for my base, can I get rid of my old claim?

While standing inside a claim you can use the /abandonclaim command to delete that claim and refund all the claim blocks used in it. You can use the command /unclaimall to delete all your claims at once from anywhere. 

Ok, I have my claim made and its the size I want, but I want my friends to be able to live and build here too, how do I do that?

To let others work in your claim you have to give them Trust. You can give different people different kinds of trust with different commands. Each command must be typed as all one word, then a space, then either the name of the player, or public if you want everyone to have that trust. (Ex /accesstrust Mrawesome)

/Trust will give them permission to do just about anything you can do, except move or delete the claim itself or give trust to others, so use this command with caution. 

/Accesstrust will let the person open doors and use buttons and levers.

/Containertrust will let the person use things like chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispenser and other blocks that can hold items.

/Permissiontrust will let them share whatever trust they have with other players.

I gave someone trust, then they robbed me and blew up my home, what do I do?

We take griefing very seriously, if this happens to you don't panic. Contact a staff member, either in game, on the website, or on Discord (Insert Discord info here) and they will help you. The player who griefed you will most likely be banned, if you don't know exactly who did the griefing the Admins will be able to find out. We can restore the area or container to a previous condition.

I didn't have enough claim blocks to cover my whole base and someone destroyed part of it, can you still help me?

Yes, even if it is unclaimed griefing builds is prohibited unless the builder has been banned, however looting unclaimed chests is allowed, so be sure not to leave valuable stuff in unclaimed chests.

I forgot who I gave trust to.

To see who has what kind of trust use the /trustlist command while standing in the claim or sub claim.

Can I give a person Trust for just part of my claim?

Yes! While holding your shovel and standing inside your claim you can type /subdivideclaim this will let you make smaller claims inside your bigger one. These sub claims don't have the 5x5 requirements but you can use all the normal commands while standing in them and they will only affect that sub claim. Use this to claim an area for a town, then sub divide plots for people to build their houses on, or sub divide a single chest for public donations.

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