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Refer Friends! - MrArcane - 05-02-2017

Hello AlphaCrafters,

MrArcane here bringing an AlphaCrafters promotional event, long story short we want more of a community to bring the server more life with more friends to play with.
So here is the idea of this system, have you wanted/needed more homes? Well here is your chance to earn homes instead of buying them. If you refer 5 friends and they stay and play on AlphaCrafters, you will earn 1 home. You can keep doing this there is no limit, now if you decide to participate they need to sign up on the forums and use you as a referral. After that, you need to message me or your friendly Co-Owner MrArcane to let us know who you referred to that date.

Message Layout:

In-Game name:
Friends In-game name:
Friend Play-time:

Kind regards,